Written for the one I love. #Poem3

Wrote it 7 months ago but decided to share it today.

To tell you the truth. 

I want a love that last with you. 

A love so true, 

A love for two.

A love affair filled with so much honesty

that no lie, ex, or enemy can tear us apart.

A love loyal, 

A love trustworthy.

Let us remain connected

as lovers with cords of love none can break. 

Let us love deeply;



without manipulations or fears

And cry only tears of joy

as we think of how blessed it is to have each other.

May we love each other strongly through the years, 

May our love wax stronger as we grow older

May we our enemies quickly discern 

And keep them far away from this love affair.

Remember, my heart, 

Respect, honesty, communication and trust will bind us together

while the opposite will tear us apart. 

So let us daily choose Love

Already, everyday with you is Valentine

By God's grace, I will be forever yours 

and you will be forever mine. 😍

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