A walk around Lagos Island(Urban Hike)

In a city like Lagos, hangouts should be weekly.┬áLagos- a city known for its busy activities, its noise and traffic has its occupants as occupied as ever. Being born and bred in Lagos State in all of its busyness doesn’t change that I also get affected by its bustling nature so a getaway from my normal daily life schedule as a Doctor is something I always look forward to and never let it slip away.

Last weekend, I was able to do just that. I went out with a group of friends and strangers to an Urban Hike + Picnic and had a nice time. It was an event organized by Naidrenaline Adventures and it was an awesome one. I never knew meeting new people would have so much positive energy attached to it until that day.

We got along so quickly and our icebreaking moment was taking group shots together. I started saying in a loud tone that every one should let their Funside show in the pictures and they should free up themselves and do something exceptional(mad lol).

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We hiked together for 1 hour, 20 minutes from St. Nicholas which was our muster point down to First Cathedral Church at CMS and walked back down to The Freedom Park where we had our picnic. Although we planned to get food along the way at the Chicken Republic, we were not allowed to bring food into the Park so we changed our plans and decided to get foods at their park’s restaurants. Their foods are quite affordable although they are a bit pricey. One could get a plate of fried rice and a big piece of Chicken for just 1500 naira, soft drinks range from 200 to 400 naira. We bought food at their restaurants and the picnic started with games following right after.

We played Lagos Gidi game which is also called Nigerian Taboo and it was the kind of game we needed for such an engagement.

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After much enjoyment, eating to our brim, playing and playing, we decided to call it a day before we have what they call “The Over-enjoyment Syndrome ” which includes joyously looking for a problem where there is none.

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    1. Thanks so much my dear Boss. God bless you. Looking forward to having another fun experience with you. THanks for commenting.

    1. Aww. That’s such a sweet comment. Thank you very much. That makes me a good visual story teller. Yayyy. My joy is full for this is the reason why I am here telling stories.

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