Body shaming and Body Positivity: Beauty Within and Beyond The Skin, Correcting the wrong notion about BMI and explaining Obesity

In this life, Our Body is our home. Its what we live in and unlike any other home, we can’t move out of it. We will always have it with us from birth to death. This is the more reason why we need to be comfortable in our skin and love our body. Due to the beauty standards in the media and the relative beauty standards of different people, some body sizes or shapes(depending on the geographical region) have been looked down on and spoken ill of. 

Body shaming is known as the action or practice of expressing humiliation about another individual’s body shape or size; a form of bullying that can result in severe emotional trauma, especially at a young age. Body shaming is done by parents, siblings, friends, enemies, and schoolmates and is often portrayed in the media. “Why is she wearing that? It is not flattering at all.” Or “I am so ugly compared to her I will never find a date” are common thoughts and phrases used that are examples of body shaming. Negatively commenting about the size or shape of anyone’s body can be extremely damaging to them potentially leading to low-self esteem, anger, self-harm and even mental health disorders, specifically body dysmorphic disorder. 

In this Podcast Episode, I will be speaking on the effects of Body Shaming and why such nonsensical act needs to be stopped. I will also be making clear the truth that can never be substituted about the Beauty of every body size and the truth that bodies come in all shapes and sizes, and that all bodies are valuable no matter what they look like or how healthy they are.

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