Travelling changes you- My Awesome First-ever Beach Camping Experience

Adventure has a way to call one into the woods, to the water side, on the highest peak of the mountain or leave you flying and gliding through the air. An adventurer always hears this call and is often swift to answer it, pack up the travel bags and go see; go feel; go meet; go learn and enjoy.

Adventure called me over this recent weekend and it called me to the woods at the beach. It was a pleasant one. An outing organised by Naidrenalin Adventures. It’s an Adventure tour Company growing the adventure culture in Nigeria and in Africa. They run expeditions such as hiking, kayaking, paragliding and camping and the event which I went for and I will be talking about was a Beach Luxury Camping.

So we set off for the trip at C.M.S Ferry point by to 12 p.m. We were a group of 12-15 people and our destination was Jay Beach, Tarkwa Bay. Must I mention that the tides here were high and the currents were strong enough to capsize any boat if proper care is not taken by the driver when driving. But I assure you that was not reason enough to stop us from this adventure for as the motto of Naidrenalin adventures says ‘If it scares you, do it!” So Yes, we did it!

We overcame our fears and climbed on the boat while holding on to ourselves and the good side of it was that they gave us life jackets to wear. At least, that was a great assurance to hold on to. I was otherwise calm on the speedboat ride though. It was my second time on the waters leading to Tarkwa Bay. After some baptism of water from the saltwater in the sea as we sped pass on the boat and the holding of nylon by some to protect themselves from the baptismal service being done by the water, we finally got to shore.

We found our way to Jay Beach and I must say it is one of the most beautiful places I have been to in Nigeria.

It was my second time coming here. The first time I came, we(i.e. my boyfriend I) just speedily rushed through our moment of being there because we were not going to sleep over there but this time was different for we were to have a night over. I had all the time in the world. Lol. We got there past 12 p.m. Settled down, got to know one another and we were divided into 2 teams. I was in Team 1 and we named ourselves ‘Team CLAWS’ while the other group named themselves “Team LION”. We were to play every game against the other team. I guess it was sheer grace, but we were all Ladies in my team except one guy who actually didn’t want to be in our team because the other groups had all guys but one lady present in their teams and he felt we were going to lose and we proved him wrong. We won all our games except one.

The games we played ranged from the Local games to the international ones. Games like Taboo, You think you know Nigeria, Ayo e.t.c. We played with a lot of energy and the most interesting part about the games was the Volleyball. It was a very competitive, interesting one to watch and my team won again as usual.

The meal we were served also was so nice. I ate Oha Soup (White soup) for the very first time and later learnt that it was made from Melon seeds, yam and one more thing that I have forgotten right now. We had some time out at the beach, walked by the waterside although we were warned prior to our arrival at the beach not to swim because of as I told you before, the tide of the water was so high.

At evening time, we had Karaoke night in which we discovered the great singers amongst us- the Styl Plus and the Whitney Houston of the group.  Laughed over our mistakes, enjoyed the great performances. Later danced around the bonfire for long, did some late night games and gisted through thee night with our friends and loved ones.

The dancing part was my favorite part because I was glad to show my dancing skills. 😀 Another favorite part was that I chose to sleep in the tent outside. Its been long since I did that. The last time I slept in a tent was like 6 years ago when we went for an Outdoor Church camping in Volgograd, Russia so you can just imagine how I felt doing that again. Our ancestors really enjoyed great things.

The next day, we started off with Yoga and our beautiful instructor named Lucia Odos kindly led us through the session. It was my first time doing Yoga and it was a refreshing one. We did breathing exercises, did some motions also and repeated the breathing exercises on each motion.

Afterwards, we ate, played around individually and in groups, did some photoshoots and packed our bags to leave because it was time to leave. At a point, I didn’t want to leave. If I had a choice, I would have stayed more with these set of people and enjoy the beauty nature had for me and the vibes the people had to give and give glory to God as His creatures reflect His Majesty.

I never liked group travel or camping but this one changed my perspective and I don’t think I would despise it anymore because by the end of the trip. It felt like a family. Most of us had bonded really well, shared a lot of beautiful moments, had a wild night together, meditated together and crossed the seas and travelled the land for this same purpose- Adventure!

Things to note about my Trip to Jay Beach, Tarkwa Bay and my experience.

  • It was a trip organized by the adventure tour company called Naidrenalin Adventures, You may check them out  on Instagram @naidrenalin.adventures


  • Take off point- CMS Ferry Point.
  • Drop off point- Crocodile Smile Jetty.
  • Speed boat fare( 1 way)- 300 naira to Tarkwa Bay, 1000 naira to Jay Beach.  Most boats go to Tarkwa Bay but you can get in, talk to the boat guy and pay 1000 naira to Crocodile Smile Jetty. After other passengers alight at Tarkwa Bay, he will take you directly to the Crocodile Jetty from where you can easily walk to Jay Beach.
  • You may ask about the logistics of lodging overnight from Naidrenalin adventures or go to Jay Beach to enquire.
  • You may rent a tent for about 1000 naira with chair and table per person depending on your bargaining strength. The beach is very serene and isolated. If you are the type that loves your private space, the beach is very suitable for you for people hardly go there. Plus you can also get smoked fresh fish and fried potatoes for a very affordable price. The one we got was about 2500 naira the first time I explored the place and it was so so sweet and nicely made.
  • Camping in group is not such a bad idea depending on the group you travel with. You may give it a try.
  • The more you travel, the more you see and the more you see is the more you know.
  • Travelling widens your scope of Knowledge.


8 thoughts on “Travelling changes you- My Awesome First-ever Beach Camping Experience”

  1. Wow, Bola. You definitely had fun on this trip, I can feel the fun and good vibes from way over here. When is this happening again, I did love to take part. And yes, you are right about that, an adventurer or a digital nomad as I prefer to call myself, hears the call, just packs up and move!

    1. Hehehe. I truly did enjoy the trip, dear. It was so amazing. I believe Naidrenalin Adventures should be coming up with one soon. Thanks for reading dear. I got only positive vibes for you.

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