Say No to Rape

A Poem on Rape. Let’s End this!!!

As I was reading through,
I saw the words written in Bold- SAY NO TO RAPE
A young girl of 12 years was raped by 3 men. Could this be true?
I think its true since it’s written everywhere.
My heart has been so troubled about this.
About how men have been so corrupted by this disease.
This is to the father, brother, teacher, guardian, and stranger
who has caused nothing but pain to their daughters, students and sisters.
What they do has a ripple effect that cannot be easily forgotten
Always remembered by their victims even till this very day!

God made you to guide them, protect them and lead them.
Not to use them, abuse them and mislead them
They looked up to you as an example
but now you have made all their hopes shattered and left them broken
Why bring sorrow into their LIVES
and drive out the joy and dignity they once had?
Why corrupt their pure and holy MINDS
and make them impure thereby introducing them into something bad?

Just because they are little and helpless
Dear Father, you are meant to be her HERO
not a man who sneaks into her bedroom every night
when her mum ain’t home and you are all ALONE.
No matter what the case may be- all that matters is that she is but a kid not your wife
But just because of your selfish wants and greed, YOU RUIN A LIFE.

Dear Brother, she sees you as her Father,
a friend she can communicate with and laugh with just like an old pal
but what have you turned this into?
An opportunity to enjoy your frivolous escapades too?
The girls out there are not enough or don’t give you a face
so you had better satisfy your lustful pleasures with your sister. What a Menace!

Dear Teacher, you are there to teach her not to sleep with her
You take away her joy and instill into her FEAR
Fear of you, fear to be loved, fear to live, fear to be judged by her family and friends.
You have destroyed the sweet peace in her and all she thinks of herself is less!

Dear Guardian, you are meant to bring back hope
but yet you cause her more sorrow
She hates every moment she lives on Planet Earth
and wishes her life will be taken from her
You plant in her great hatred for all and a bitterness which can never be replaced.
Why?  Why all the distress?

To the stranger, each time you rape a girl
she experiences Death literally because you murder her.
You kill her spirit, soul and sweet heart
You leave her broken, heartless or maybe even restless for more.
Why practice such a wicked act?
All at the expense of satisfying your flesh, she becomes more torn apart

At this point, I just can’t write no more
I am trying so hard to control the tears and the hurt
I was not raped but I know how much it hurts
Its so painful and it takes so long to heal like a sore.

One is left in his own web- so lonely and sad
Looking for Love and healing so bad
but the truth is “You have to stand up strong”
Leave yesterday in the Past and put today in the picture including the Future
First thing you need to do to live in today is to forgive those who have hurt you,
leave them to the judgment of God and forget about all what they have done to you.

To the girls, ladies and women who may have been a victim of Rape
God loves you and God feels your pain
He offers you a new life, true hope, strength and reason to Live
His Son, Jesus died to set you free.
Don’t hold on to your PAST,
Instead, give your Life to CHRIST.

This is a shout out to Men who have been involved in this heart-breaking act, to men who have become so addicted to this act and indulge in it whenever the opportunity arises! It is time for you to MAN UP! It is time to be more responsible. God can break any chain you are addicted to and the only way to become the Man God wants you to be is by giving your Life to Christ- by confessing of your sins, asking God for forgiveness and repenting of your ways. It’s time to put a smile on someone’s face and not bring sorrow into their lives. You also need to be mentally assessed and treated.

Let’s end the violence against Women.


The poem was written for Damini Gang Rape Victim(Delhi, 2012) whose real name is Jyoti Singh, for Uwa Omozuwa, Benin Rape Victim(2020), for every rape survivor I have attended to while on duty as a Doctor, for every rape survivor out there. You are loved and please be reminded that it’s not your fault.

Dear Reader,

Here is what you can do:

-Speak up and use your voice to speak against any form of violence

-You may share this post on your social handles to let the truth out

-If you have kids, train them in a proper way( to love, respect and cherish others) and not use or abuse people.

-Stop giving excuses on behalf of Rapists.

-Stop blaming or shaming Rape Victims.

-Call out Rapists that you know for their offence and don’t cover them up for you allow another rape victim to occur in the future by keeping silent.

– Invest in Women- Donate to organizations that empower women, amplify their voices and supports rape survivors.

For example- In Lagos, Nigeria, we have Mirabel Centre  for those who are sexually assaulted. Here they give support to rape survivors, fight for them legally and also empower these women. 


Below is an anthem against Rape and Domestic Violence. Today, we say NO MORE! No more Rape! No more Violence.

Please do share your thoughts in the comment section. Will love to hear it.