Peace in my Skin

The truth about Acne- How People with Acne feel.


Whenever I have breakouts, it is as if I lose every form of happiness and confidence.
And whenever my face becomes smooth back, it’s like you just popped a balloon, I will be jumping everywhere with so much joy and confidence. It’s surprising what just some pops of pimples could do to my mood. So when you see someone with lots of pimples on their face and comment anyhow, you don’t know how much you are damaging the person. You may think you are about to help them but instead, you are hurting them. Do you know what it is to have someone’s beautiful skin infested by big, painful round zits? It’s a trauma already for many. It’s not an easy sight for them to see daily. It’s painful! Every form of pimples that pops when they thought they were just having a break over the existence of pimples in general and were just on their final path to solving acne once and for all and then suddenly, they wake up with 4 big zits. It’s freaking annoying, having to go out with such a face when their face last night was so smooth and they slept with much hope. They finally get the courage to step out and all you see and comment is the pimples on their face and not the smile on their face, not the great way they do their job e.t.c. It’s a painful process.
They feel numb at times about this. They feel numb about trying their products. Feel numb about trying any other new products or using the plenty ones they have had. They feel confused and weak. They do not know where to start or where to continue It seems like an endless cycle and they wonder if this is going to go on forever. If they will remain like this forever. If their face would stay this rough till their 50’s or 60’s and seeing a woman in 50’s with a rough face sets them in such dilemma again and makes the hope to clear their face less achievable. If I tell you the truth- I was so moody and sad some days ago. Woke up with 3 more popsicles of zit and it was not funny. It was painful and I just didn’t want to see my face in the mirror. Mind you, I love myself. I love everything about me except the pimples I have from time to time. I do not love the rough face but I accept that right now this is me. I felt weak and angry about everything even before the day started. I wondered if there was hope.
You are beautiful. You and your scars are beautiful. Photo credit- @isotretinoinwiths on Instagram.
I just bought a beauty powder of almost 20 thousand naira which I was meant to use as a mask daily for my face and was said to be good for treating acne but hmmn, having more pops of pimples was the last thing in my mind- the last thing I ever hoped for. I have been using the powder as a mask for some days now and have been seeing beautiful effect and all of a sudden, boolah- more pimples on Bola’s face. Lol. In my head, I was already on the journey to a smooth face but my hormones won’t let me be. Who else can relate? Some people will then come and say- “Use this cheap product if the expensive one is not working”. I have used both cheap and expensive products. Just stop with the sermon, stop with the advice and the assumptions. It helps so little and that’s if it helps at all. Because it worked for you doesn’t mean it will work for others. I have tried everything on this face- Tomatoes, cucumber, carrots, salicylic acid, glycolic acid, every form of Neutrogena, cinnamon mask, honey mask and many other things you may think of. So trust me, it is insensitive to say such a lady fighting with acne that she is not taking care of her face hence why she has acne. I have been off Groundnuts and every other nut for more than 2 years although I really loved it before my acne started. I hardly eat meat and seldom eat fish. Even if I place a piece of meat on my plate, I may end up not touching it or just taking a bite. What I mostly eat as a form of protein on my food is Egg or Moi-Moi. Those who know me well know that most days I eat once a day. I drink mostly water and I have also excluded soft drinks from my diet for a while now. I only take soft drinks when I have been working so long and I am short on sugar. Telling you all this just in case you think- O, she is not eating well that’s why and she should turn vegan. Not saying this to make you feel sad as I feel sad. Lol. That’s not why I wrote this. Not writing it also for attention and empathy. I wrote it because it’s my way of remaining sane. When I write and share my story, I feel much better and the pain becomes more bearable. I write to also make you understand better if you don’t that there are some things not to say to someone with acne; that not everything you say is helpful and there are certainly ways you should speak about the issues. There is a need to be more sensitive when you want to speak with an adult with acne. I will be sharing about how to speak to someone dealing with acne and how to support them in my next blogposts. Stay tuned.

The post below is an encouraging statement to those with Acne. As a flower grows beautifully in odd places, so are your scars beautiful.


8 thoughts on “The truth about Acne- How People with Acne feel.”

  1. Nice piece Bola.. This will really go a long way to boost self-esteem of others experiencing such.. You’re beautiful inside out babe….

  2. I can relate to everything you typed..I’m currently battling acne and it can be depressing sometimes especially when you put in the effort to maintain your face and you still wake up to see a new zit😒..I’ve learned that there’s more to me than my looks and so while I continue my acne struggles I’ll keep remembering that. Thank you for sharing Bolito🧡🧡

    1. Aww. Glad to read your comment and to know this was helpful and relatable to. We are in this together and you will surely feel better when you speak more about it. If you need someone to share your acne journey with, you can write to me dear or better still, I will write to you pretty soon. Thanks for your sincere, genuine comment.. Much love, dear.

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