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Visit to Epe Mangroove and a Luxurious stay at Epe Resorts and Spa. | My Experience.

Epe is a town I have always loved. Majorly because my mum is from the town and because it is such a beautiful town surrounded by water. I love riverine/coastal areas, I am not a Mermaid but I just love the view of the sea, seeing it gives me a sense of peace even when the water itself is not peaceful. Another thing about coastal areas is that people are really friendly may be due to the peaceful environment they have which doesn’t allow the build-up of stress and also helps improve their moods. Epe people will play with you as they have always known you even though you are just meeting them for the first time.

So travelling there that month for an Adventure/luxury tour was an exciting one. We went fishing. Thanks to Naidrenalin Adventures- The best adventure company in Nigeria for organizing this. It was a great get-away.

The journey to Epe from Palmgroove took about 2 hours. I came through Ikorodu- Itokin way and it took me roughly one hour to get to Epe Roundabout from Ikorodu. As we got to Epe, we started our adventure from Epe Mangroove at Ibeju-Lekki as we were accompanied by a Professional Tour guide and Fisherman called Mufu. He has been doing this job as a tour guide at Epe Mangroove for many years now. We went fishing and we came back to the banks with fishes. Lol.

We were first taught the basics of Fishing at the bank of the Mangroove before we set off into the boats.


One could not but notice and appreciate the beauty of the Mangroove as our canoes paddled across it. The green leaves, the trees, the reflections of everything on the water as the sun shone brightly.

After fishing, we went to the Crocodile Market where we saw Crocodiles being sold ranging from 7,500 naira – 145,000 naira. We also saw different fishes and aquatic animals being sold in the market. From the market, we went back to where we would be lodging at Epe Resorts and Spa. The reception there was good and our rooms were very luxurious.


The scenery there was also awesome  After refreshing, we went swimming and afterwards ate and set off for the fun of the night- Our games and Karaoke night. The next morning, we had yoga as our early morning activity and afterwards ate a luxurious breakfast meal at Epe Resort. Enjoyment was the order of the day. Lol. Afterwards, we went for our Karaoke time where we discovered some Sade Adu and some crocodiles. 😀 You didn’t hear it from me.


IN all, it was a journey I enjoyed and an adventure I will always look forward to repeating.


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