“Where have you been?” A question I have been receiving from my close friends and acquaintances who contact me in a while

August 25- A grave situation occurred. My phone got stolen and I never could have imagined that it would happen to me. I have always seen myself as a Lasgidi (Lagos) babe that was born and bred here in Lagos and was too rugged to have her phone stolen from her bag peacefully without a gun being pressed to my head or a deep sharp-cutting voice attacking me in the dusk of the night.

This one happened in the broad daylight. Can you imagine? Lol. The phone picker have been watching me closely since I alighted the keke and opened the bag to pay the driver. Because of the way the hustle and bustle of Nigeria is; I quickly crossed the road and forgot to close my bag not knowing that the Devil’s brother was following closely. I got to the park I was to take transport and for some reason decided to take keke although I have always taken bike lol. I got to the keke and for some reason also decided to sit in the front. I had some bags with me as I was just finishing from a call at the Hospital so I placed my bags at the boot of the keke. I was still placing my bags at the back of the keke when the brother to the Devil entered the Keke so I moved to the side for him to enter. Mind you, my lovely bag was still opened and was slinging on my shoulder by the side of my body.

Busy streets of Lagos. Yellow- the Color of Lagos.

After placing the bags in the boot, I went back to my front seat to sit. A minute after, I noticed the buroda(brother) asking where the keke was going somewhere else as he got down at this moment. I was wondering what was wrong with him that he would enter a wrong keke when the Driver kept shouting the destination of our keke. Mstcheww. At that same moment, I remembered I left my Stethoscope with another doctor who lend it from me and wanted to remind him to keep it well for me as it was a Weekend approaching.


I reached into my bag and like magic, I could not find my phone. It was nowhere to be found in my bag. I thought my phone was playing pranks on me.  Just like Africa Magic, I was searching every pocket and corer of my bag. At a point, I got down from the keke and started searching everywhere and went quickly to call my phone but it was already switched off. I used my eyes to scan around for the man but I could not find him. Ahh I was so shocked and dumbfounded,  I stood in front of the kekes at the bus stop and I was looking into the space like that for like 5 minutes before it dawned on me that it was gone! Totally gone now! Totally gone forever. All my images, as in all my photos were gone. I didn’t have a functioning laptop or any hard drive so my pictures were stored on my phone and in the 32 GB memory card of my camera which was in my phone also. All my pictures of almost 2 years. I started crying but couldn’t cry. I was just in trillion of thoughts. Then a thought came, that it was just a phone and its not a life that went. I am still alive and there is hope.


Did I also tell you that at this point, I was in a financial catastrophe. It was a period that I had no dime on me. NYSC was owing me, I also wasn’t receiving salary from where I was working, I was yet to be paid. I was just managing( thank God I was going to work from home) but God had greater things in store for me. It was a blow I least expected at a time I least wanted to have such blow. Buying a phone( and if a smartphone) will be a miracle at the time, this reality made me even more pained. So after some days, your girl went back to Nokia 3310( thanks to my mum for the blessed Vintage hook-up), I was at least able to call my love and my closed ones.

After a month, completely without WhatsApp and whatsoever, I was able to buy a phone( thanks to my love and mum). This period humbled me like mad o. Then another struggle was retrieving my WhatsApp line back. The line was a 9mobile.

Retrieving a lost sim in Nigeria is just like wanting to bring a dead man back to life. It took me weeks to get the Affidavit because of my work(I am not always free on weekdays). After getting the affidavit and went to the 9mobile shop with so much confidence, I was turned back and told I needed an affidavit from High Court and not from any other place. The affidavit I had was from Ministry of Justice so I had to go to the High Court. Went to the High Court to get my affidavit, came back to queue at the 9mobile shop for long hours as though I wanted to see God in Heaven. After 2 hours of queuing, it finally got to my turn(Joy at last) and  I was hoping for everything good when I was again disappointed and told that I wasn’t the one who registered my sim. Chai! I got to know that my mum registered the sim and it was a sim she gifted me when I came back from Russia and needed a sim so I got to know it was her affidavit I needed and not mine. The matter is still on and the sim is yet to be retrieved after almost 3 months. So for those who can’t reach me via my WhatsApp, I have you in mind as well. I am alive and not dead and will hopefully soon be back online with my original number.


I will be updating you in blogs to come about exciting things I have been engaged in and also about my Medical Life which I have recently fallen in love with talking about it and have become more passionate about.  Below are lessons I learnt from my experience in this story and also from thinking deep about some matters that occurred.


Lessons I learnt


You just never know when judgement day may come- when your phone, laptop or camera could get lost or even get spoilt/damaged beyond repair so my first advice will be to ack up your pictures, videos, documents and memories. Learn from my own story and be not foolish like me. You can back up on Google Pictures or Google drive, on cloud or get an External hard drive and copy your files there.


My sister always told me from time to time that I should be conscious of always zipping up my bag but my Lasgidi-Agidi(Lagos stubbornness) and over assurance in my Lagos inbuilt skill deceived me till I had to learn bitterly from it. I know this point may seem easy peasy but please keep it in mind. If you are the type that loves keeping your bag open, zip it up.

  • SAVE UP.

All this “If I perish, I perish” attitude we now have as youths when we have money is not good. Its not a wise decision. Of course, the money will finish at some point and if you do not save, you will have nothing to fall back on.  We are products of our decisions not our circumstances. Whatever decision you make today will have a strong influence in whatsoever will happen tomorrow. Like me, I lavished my money at some point early this year and I am currently suffering for it and if I must tell you, it is very painful and unneedful and can be totally avoided if you save up. SAVE WHAT YOU CAN WHILE YOU CAN. INVEST ALSO.

  • You may wonder how this has to do with my write up but it does.

Have you ever been robbed or handpicked from before? Have you ever lost your phone or faced hard difficulties retrieving your sim. Share your experience in the comments. Let’s gist. I want to read your stories as well.

As funny as this might sound, it’s a real warning and advice. I am not saying you should not use 9mobile as a line neither am I advertising any brand of telecommunications but according to discussions online, 9moble lines are the most troublesome to retrieve so save yourself the stress and not use it as your WhatsApp Business or personal line.

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